Gretna Bingo Palace offers the largest bingo jackpot in the New Orleans metro area. Playing 25 sessions a week, we offer more chances to win higher jackpots than any other hall. Every session features a payout of $4500, while monthly super games have total giveaways of as much as $25,000. Our progressives allow players to win pots as high as $50,000 with no additional buy-in. The hall features a video bingo room, with $1,000 jackpots and a snack bar offering a variety of refreshments. Our ibingo computer offers the best technology in the industry, while a loyalty program allows players to earn free machines.

In House Progressive Jackpots Every Session

Progressive “A”
up to $25,000

Progressive “B”
up to $50,000

*All games included with minimum buy-in, no extras required.

Upcoming Super Games

Fri, July 5th               8:00PM        Cleopatra

Sat, Aug 3rd              8:00PM        ARC

Mon, Sep 2nd           8:00PM        St. Joseph

Fri, Oct 4th                8:00PM        Rotary

Our fully featured hall includes:

  • A spacious, enclosed non-smoking area
  • Free cards the day before, day of, and day after your birthday
  • A Loyalty Reward Program to earn a free machine
  • Gift Certificates
  • On-site security provided by the Gretna Police Dept
  • Concessions
  • Video bingo and pull tabs
For news and updates, sign up for alerts by texting GRETNABINGO to 71441