We give away $4500 per session.  All games are included with minimum buy-in, no extras required.


Westbank Optimist Club

Westbank Optimist ClubYears ago Charlie took me to a complex of buildings that were nearly falling down. It was the form Don Bohn dealership. He told me that it was going to be the home of Gretna Bingo Palace. It was in such disrepair that I thought they were going to tear it down and rebuild, but instead the work started to repair and remodel. Gretna Bingo Palace, as we know it know, was the result.

More than a bingo hall was built; a whole neighborhood was revitalized. From the Expressway to Porter Street on Franklin and Hancock Streets has undergone major change and all because of bingo.

I had a friend in the Optimist Club. An offer to the Optimist to host bingo at the new Gretna Bingo Palace was made and the club was very receptive, but they needed someone to run the games. Charlie said that he had someone in mind and the someone was me. That was really good for the Optimist Club and Gretna Bingo Palace both because Sylvia was my wife and Michele my daughter and I think that their presence in the hall has made a difference. It certainly made a difference to the Optimist Club.

We have done good things with the proceeds from bingo. The Optimist Club works very closely with Representative Toomy to do the Westbank Doll & Toy. Representative Toomy organized this event procuring the gifts and making arrangements to assemble the toys. The Optimist Club provides some labor and most of the money.

Other major projects that are supported, in whole or part, by the Optimist bingo:

The gift of a Sherman Tank to the D-Day Museum
A major supporter of the Leukemia Foundation
A supporter of Camp Challenge (a camp for cancer kids and their siblings)
The Bridge House
Electric scoreboards at several area playgrounds
A very sophisticated scoreboard at Alario Center
The organization and support of the Optimist Baseball Tournament at the Alario Center
The Sylvia Ricks Scholarship Fund

These are not the only works of the Optimist Club, but none would be possible without your support or the Gretna Bingo Palace for providing us with the finest bingo hall anywhere. Thank You!

Bingo Game Time: Every Tuesday at 11PM and Friday at 8PM
Game Format: Speed Bingo on Tuesday and Regular Bingo on Friday

Gretna Bingo Palace   1900 Franklin Street    Gretna, LA 70053     504.368.4443    info@gretnabingopalace.com

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